Meet Dr Deb

Hi, I'm Debra, but please call me Debbie. No seriously, please do.


I’m an author, blogger, certified mindfulness and meditation instructor, and edupreneur living in Sydney, Australia.


I have always had a fascination with trying to understand what drives people's behaviour as well as all things metaphysical. I find the link between thoughts, beliefs, mindset and biology riveting.


This is what led me to first complete a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a second Bachelors Degree majoring in Industrial Psychology, and then a Doctorate in the Metaphysical Sciences.


After being invited to co-author a book on Wellbeing, I discovered my passion for research and writing, and sharing information leading to transformation. And so I started this blog, as well as writing a series of books and creating courses on Wellbeing and Weight Loss so I could share all these learnings with you.

A lifelong student, I've studied everything from Meditation to Energy Healing to natural ways to Wellbeing to Nutrition.


What can I say? I love learning :-)


But even more than that, I love sharing what I learn. I enjoy empowering others through education and sharing of knowledge. I'm so passionate about helping people realise their innate power and potential for self-healing, self-discovery, and self-transformation.


I cannot describe the thrill I get from learning something new and the buzz I get from sharing that with you.


Everything I teach and write about is what I have used personally and what worked for me, having personally lost weight and enhanced my own wellbeing using the information, tools and techniques I teach and write about.

Spotted on a bench in Lane Cove, Sydney.

I do hope you will join me as I continue my own journey from information to transformation.




Disclaimer: This is a personal website and blog. The opinions expressed here are my own. Everything I write about benefitted me personally and this is my forum for communicating ideas I’ve come across that I feel are worthy of sharing. Discussion and dissent are always welcome, but please don’t hold me liable for anything that I say. I don’t claim to know everything, nor do I know all these ideas to be true. 

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