Breathing Matters

"Stress can make your breathing shallow. But so too can shallow breathing make you stressed." - Dr Deb

By Dr Debbie Zsolnai

Founder of The Weight Loss & Wellbeing Academy & Co-Author of Elevate Your Wellbeing

Discover how changing your breath can change your life.

What You'll Discover:

Breathing Matters is a short course for anyone interested in learning about the benefits of slow, mindful breathing.


This is for you if you don't really fancy meditating, but you would like to learn some techniques you can use to bring calm and control back into your day.

    • Are you a reverse breather? Discover if you're a reverse breather. And if so, how to correct it.

    • Think you don’t have time? These breathing techniques can be easily incorporated into your day, whenever you feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed.

    • Don’t want to learn how to Meditate? That's ok. Breathing techniques can be used as an introduction to meditation, as the meditation itself, or as stand-alone techniques. You get to choose!!

    What You'll Get:

    This course is part of the Weight Loss & Wellbeing Academy. Signing up to the Academy will give you access to the Breathing Matters course, as well as a whole bunch more. 

      With your subscription, you'll also get:

      • Video & pdf courses. In addition to this course, you will also have access to a number of other online courses such as

      • eBooks. Downloadable copies off all my guides, eBooks and yes even a pdf version of my bestselling book Elevate Your Wellbeing.

      • Meditations. Downloadable meditations which you can listen to whenever you like. 

      • Journals & Trackers. To record your progress.

      Meet Dr Debbie Zsolnai

      Founder of The Weight Loss & Wellbeing Academy & Co-Author of Elevate Your WellBeing

      I have always had a fascination with trying to understand what drives people's behaviour as well as all things metaphysical. I find the link between thoughts, beliefs, mindset and biology riveting.


      This is what led me to first complete a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a second Bachelors Degree majoring in Industrial Psychology, and then a Doctorate in the Metaphysical Sciences.


      After being invited to co-author a book on Wellbeing, I realised my passion for writing and so I started this blog, as well as writing a series of books and creating courses on Wellbeing and Weight Loss.


      A lifelong student, I've studied everything from Meditation to Energy Healing to natural ways to Wellbeing to Nutrition. And I have personally lost weight and enhanced my own wellbeing using the information, tools and techniques I teach and write about. 


      Is my way the right way? Who knows. There are many ways to get to a result. All I know is what worked for me and this is what I want to share with you.


      I hope you'll join me on the journey to Weight Loss and Wellbeing.