Co-Authored by: Debbie Zsolnai PhD 

Founder of the Weight Loss & Wellbeing Academy

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Meet Dr Debbie Zsolnai

Can Exercise Alone Make You Thin?

Weight Loss


A common diet myth is that exercise alone will make you thin.


Now before we get into this one, I do want to mention that exercise has massive health benefits and you absolutely should try and get some regular exercise into your day.


Benefits include reduced blood pressure, reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart attack. As well as lowering your risk of developing cognitive impairment from Alzheimer’s and dementia.


But, there is a common misconception that exercise alone will help you lose weight, and that’s just not true...

Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight

Weight Loss


Everybody tells you that in order to lose weight you need to eat less and move more. And the way to do that is to count your calories.


And sure, consuming less energy than you expend is the key to weight loss. But counting calories is not the way to do it.


You might be surprised to know that calculating the exact calorific content of food is much harder than the boldly displayed numbers on food packages or menus would have you believe...

12 Ways To Drink More Water

Wellbeing, Weight Loss


I’m writing this article on the last day of a 5-day heatwave here in Sydney, Australia. Where temperatures have been in the high 30’s each day, peaking at 39 degrees Celsius today. Phew!


And while it is easier to remember to drink water in order to stay hydrated on days like today, on cooler days it is so much easier to forget.


Water is essential to life. And sadly, most of us living in the industrialised world are dehydrated and we don’t even know it.

The Benefits Of Eating Mindfully

Weight Loss


In today’s fast-paced world, most of us are used to doing everything in a hurry. Always dashing from one place to the next and trying to fit everything into the ever-decreasing chunks of time. Multitasking as we try to squeeze two or more things in at the same time.


Or perhaps multitasking, not due to lack of time, but to distract us from how we are really feeling.


Checking our social media feeds while eating to try fulfil our need for social connection and nutrition at the same time.

Why Food Is Not The Enemy

Weight Loss


We are genetically programmed to enjoy eating, but we’ve been taught that food is the enemy.


And we need to restrict what we eat if we want to lose weight.


And that certain foods are bad for us and will make us fat. How unfair.


Well yes, it would be. If it were true. But it’s not.


And being taught that we can’t eat what we want, whenever we want, has led to an obsession with food which is not only unhealthy, it’s also misleading.

Why Can't I Stay Awake During Meditation?



Sometimes, despite your best efforts and intentions, you find you just can’t stay awake for the duration of your meditation.


Falling asleep during meditation is quite common, especially for beginners. When first practising meditation, while trying to achieve that balance between focussed attention and relaxation, it is easy to drift too far in one direction or the other. 


And sometimes you’ll find you try too hard and end up uptight and anxious, perhaps annoyed with yourself that you just can’t ‘get it right’. Forgetting that there is no ‘right’ way to practice meditation. And certainly no ‘right’ outcome or experience.

Hate Exercise? Try Rebounding

Wellbeing, Weight Loss


Let me guess. You know you should be exercising? You know it’s good for you? But you just can’t bring yourself to do it every day?


I was the same. I hated exercise, not because I hate the idea of it, but I hated the effort of it. Having to get up early to squeeze it in before work. Or having to drive to a gym, get changed, just to attend a class or use some equipment.

Hints To Keep You On Track With Meditation



When you start a meditation practice, it can take a while until it becomes a habit. Until it feels weird NOT to meditate.


While working to make this a daily habit, there are a number of tips you can use to help keep you on track.

Resigning From The 'Clean Plate Club'

Weight Loss


Are you a member of the Clean Plate Club? I am. Well, I used to be.


When I was a child growing up, if I had any food left on my plate after dinner, I wasn’t allowed to leave the table, never mind even think of having dessert!


My parents tried all sorts of tactics. “Eat your dinner, and you’ll get ice cream/ cake/ chocolate mousse.” Yum, my favourite. And they knew it!

Happy Client Testimonials

Debbie leads meditation practices that conduce to mental clarity and an improved ability to focus. The sessions have helped me to cultivate more inner calm and peace and to avoid the state of ‘fight or flight’ acute stress response that can arise in a busy workplace.  


Doing this has made me think about the benefits of these sessions more – we are very fortunate to have you."


— Rosemary

"Debbie, I have discovered that whilst to start with, I thought that I didn’t have time to meditate – I now know that I don’t have time NOT to meditate.


I find your voice easy to listen to and I ‘flow’ into a comfortable relaxed state more easily each week.  Thanks also for the tips and the simple and quick relaxation activities you have shown us that we can use anywhere, any time."


— Philippa

Debbie is passionate about helping others find peace in their lives and is a truly gifted facilitator of meditation.


I literally float away from our sessions and notice the significant reduction in stress, tension, fatigue and pain. My nervous system settles, my mind is clear, my heart is at peace. I highly recommend Debbie’s guided meditations to anyone, from beginners to experienced meditators.


— Nicole