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    $47 Included in Membership

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    $47 Included in Membership


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    $47 Included in Membership

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    $27 Included in Membership


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    $17 Included in Membership




    BONUS #1

    Signed copy of my bestselling book

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    BONUS #3

    Hang out with me and the rest of the community in our Love Food, Lose Weight private Facebook Group. Here you'll find a group of like-minded, kind-hearted folks, just like you. Ready to help you along on your journey.

    Have a look at what's inside!!

    Have a look at what's already available in the Weight Loss & Wellbeing Academy. And I'm adding to it all the time!

    "If diets did work long term, you wouldn't see new ones popping up practically every day. Diets which promise the world, but which don't in fact work." - Dr Deb

    Why is losing weight so hard? Or if you do manage to lose weight, why is it so hard to keep it off?


    Watch The Diet Myths That Are Keeping You Fat video series to discover the top myths around dieting which are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. And discover why it's not your fault you can't lose weight. And keep it off.


    Diets don't work, at least not in the long term. You've been set up to fail.

    VIDEO COURSE: Breathing Matters

    "Stress can make your breathing shallow. But so too can shallow breathing make you stressed." - Dr Deb

    This is for you if you don't really fancy meditating, but you would like to learn some techniques you can use to bring calm and control back into your day.

    During the course you'll explore:

    • Are you a reverse breather? Discover if you're a reverse breather. And if so, how to correct it.

    • Think you don’t have enough time? These breathing techniques can be easily incorporated into your day, whenever you feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed.

    • Don’t want to learn how to Meditate? That's ok. Breathing techniques can be used as an introduction to meditation, as the meditation itself, or as stand-alone techniques. You get to choose!!


    The 4-week course includes:

    • 8 downloadable breathing techniques for you to try for yourself
    • Downloadable weekly trackers so you can monitor and track your progress
    • Downloadable eBook covering the entire Breathing Matters material, including all the techniques all together in one convenient resource.

    "Challenge the thoughts, beliefs and habits you have around food. Probably picked up in childhood and which you don't even know you have." - Dr Deb

    CHALLENGE: 21-Day Meditation Challenge

    "Research shows that stress is the number one cause of physical illness and disease today. And while there are a number of techniques which can be used for managing stress, of all of them, I believe meditation to be the tool with the highest overall benefit when it comes to building resilience, instilling inner calm and managing our stress levels." - Dr Deb

    CHALLENGE: 21-Day Wellbeing Challenge

    There are four aspects that comprise your health and wellbeing: mind, body, spirit, and emotions. And all four of these need to be integrated, balanced and in harmony when seeking optimum health and wellbeing.

    BOOK: Elevate Your Wellbeing

    Think you have a slow metabolism? You might be right!


    If you're a serial dieter, and have been following diet after diet for years, your metabolism very likely has slowed down. Significantly.


    Eating less than you need causes your body to do whatever it can to conserve energy.


    And besides shedding your lean muscle before your fat, as muscle uses up more energy, your body will also slow your metabolism down.


    And once you start eating "normally" again, your metabolism often stays at that new low level.


    In this eBook, discover 15 ways in which you can boost your metabolism starting today!


    Wellbeing comprises so many different aspects. And there are many ways, natural ways, in which you can enhance your Health and Wellbeing.


    In this Guide, discover 15 ways in which you can instantly improve your health, decrease your stress, and find inner balance & calm.

    eBOOK: 5 Diet Myths - BUSTED

    The 5 Diet Myths - BUSTED eBook busts the top 5 diet myths that are likely sabotaging your weight loss efforts.


    Discover what they are in this wildly popular eBook.

    What you'll discover in the eBook:

    • MYTH 1: Counting calories is the key to weight loss
    • MYTH 2: All weight loss is fat loss
    • MYTH 3: Exercise alone will make you thin
    • MYTH 4: Carbs are the enemy, Fats are the enemy
    • MYTH 5: You lack willpower if you can't stick to a diet

    Discover why these are just plain wrong.

    Waiting inside the Academy!

    PDF: Mandala Colouring Books

    I absolutely love these colouring books! I made these just for our community. These are perfect for those quiet afternoons when all you want to do is relax and spend some time with yourself.


    Colouring in can be very calming and soothing, and also great for getting you out of your head and onto the page.


    When you sign up you'll be able to download 2 pdf printable Mandala colouring books. Just print it on good quality paper and you're ready to go. 


    Discover for yourself why adult colouring books have become so popular!

    Waiting inside the Academy!

    MEDITATION: 5-Step Meditation

    Waiting inside the Academy!

    MEDITATION: PMR Meditation

    Waiting inside the Academy!

    MEDITATION: Grounding Meditation

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        BONUS #1

        Signed copy of my bestselling book

        BONUS #2

        BONUS #3

        Hang out with me and the rest of the community in our Love Food, Lose Weight private Facebook Group. Here you'll find a group of like-minded, kind-hearted folks, just like you. Ready to help you along on your journey.



        VIDEO COURSE: Love Food, Lose Weight

        Diets don’t work, at least not in the long term. While you will often lose weight on a diet in the short term, most people will put it all back on, plus a few extra kilos, shortly afterwards as they just slip back into old habits and end up gaining back all the weight they lost.


        In fact, research shows that a staggering 95-98% of diets fail, which means that only a very small percentage of people can actually lose weight, and maintain that weight loss, by going on a diet.


        Diets are not the answer, and in fact, I even go as far as to say that diets are the enemy of weight loss!!


        Discover more in this course which will be launching later this year!

        Coming Later This Year

        VIDEO COURSE: Stress Matters

        Stress is widely believed to be the number one cause of illness today. It affects all of us and we will each encounter things regularly which may make us feel stressed.


        However, a stressful event that causes illness in one person, may not cause it in another person, and it's how you deal with these stressors when they occur that counts.


        Additionally, understanding the impact of stress, and what it does to your body, your health, and your emotional and mental wellbeing is so important and will help motivate you to take your health and healing back into your own hands.


        Discover more in this course which will be launching later this year!

        Coming Later This Year

        VIDEO COURSE: Movement Matters

        Hate physical exercise? Movement Matters will teach you the importance of exercise, both for your body, but also for your brain.


        Studies show that exercise alone won't cause you to lose weight, but exercise does help to boost your metabolism and provide a whole bunch of feel good chemicals that will help prevent you reaching for the unhealthy snacks.


        Plus, did you know that lack of exercise increases your chances of getting Alzheimers? Scary stuff!!


        Join me on this course which will teach you the importance of exercise as well as show you some ways to get you started that don't involve sweating it out in the gym every day or having to run for miles.


        Launching later this year!

        Coming Later This Year

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