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10 Unusual Ways To Meditate

    10 Unusual Ways to Meditate is a short, easy to follow video series which will teach you some ways of meditating which you may not have thought of trying.

    • Don’t know how? There are ways to meditate which you may never have thought of. Actually 10 unusual ways :-)

    • Don’t have time? You can easily incorporate meditation into your day, even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

    • Don’t want to have to wait years to see benefits? You’ll discover that regular and consistent practice is more important than how long you meditate for.

      The 3-part video series includes:

      • 10 Unusual Ways in which you can start meditating today
      • Downloadable exercises so you can try some of these for yourself
      • Cheat Sheet listing all 10 Unusual Ways you can download and take with you on the go

      Breathing Matters

      Changing your breath can change your life. Stress and anxiety can make your breathing shallow and you may have become a shallow mouth breather without even realising it. And the irony is, that while stress can make your breathing shallow, so too can shallow breathing make you stressed.


      Discover if you're a reverse breather, and if so, how to correct it.


      And discover how to breathe mindfully. And how you can use watching your breath as an introduction to Meditation, or as the Meditation itself.

      The 4-week course includes:

      • 8 downloadable breathing techniques for you to try for yourself
      • Downloadable weekly trackers so you can monitor and track your progress
      • Downloadable eBook covering the entire Breathing Matters material including all the techniques all together in one convenient resource.


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